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Sky Blue Soccerdome offers 5v5 Indoor leagues for both Men, Women and Children. Our state of the art facility allows teams from all over the Rankin and Jackson area to compete with other teams to reach the championships and playoffs at the end of the season. The season lasts 8 weeks and there is 1 game a week, with elite teams moving onto playoffs in post season. Each team competes in two 20 minute halves, can have upto 10 players on the roster and is $300 registration per team.


To Sign up for the Indoor Soccer League call 601-500-8293, email us at or Register Online Below




U6 Co-ed

U8 Boys - U8 Girls

U10 Boys - U10 Girls

U12 Boys - U12 Girls
U18 Boys - U18 Girls

2017 Summer Leagues starts June 19th -July 31st

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